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HandZaround, meaning ‘Hanna and Zach around [the world]', was born of our love to travel; the desire to be inspired by people’s stories; the need to capture the fleeting moments of life, big or small.

We’re a husband & wife and filmmaker & photographer duo crafting stories with our cameras. We love traveling, fishing, children, our dog, art & design, coffee, all things nature, and adventure, as well as living on the Bellarine [probably not in that order but you get the vibe].

We feel things deeply, like anything that’s thought-provoking and genuine. We're easy-going and pretty low key.

Would you like to spend your wedding day with us? Then, keep scrolling!

our style is

Our works tend to be light. airy. soft. joyful. All about muted tones and pastels.

We pay tribute to original candid photography and our photographs & films are analogue-inspired. We don’t stay away from grain and love the occasional blur.

Ritzy, glitzy, plush, grandiose, ideal - that’s not us.

If you’re looking for something a bit off-centre, aesthetical, contemporary, honest, natural, heartfelt, joyful... we may be the perfect photographers and filmmakers for you!

Geelong Wedding

Photography & Videography

We believe in true love.

The love that's full of friendship, trust, hilarious stories and jokes that only the two of you get.


That’s why we love weddings!

A big mix of emotions existing right next to each other.

Excitement, tears, laughs, surprises.

Meaningful moments happening throughout the day.

We’re ready to capture all of that.


After all, this is one of the most important days of your life and we know what it feels like to go through this day together.

We’re grateful to have the memories of our special day bottled up in photographs that we’ll hold on to forever.

When booking with us, you can rest assured that your day won’t turn into one big photo shoot - we like to plan ahead so that on the day we can

go with the flow, and whilst we’ll give you advice and follow the schedule, we’re all about capturing natural

moments instead of spending all day trying to capture one ideal shot.


So, whether your wedding is by the seaside or in the woods; whether it’s a big party or a tiny get-together, you can trust us with telling your story.


Geelong Wedding Films

your very own movie to have and to hold

Your Wedding Video

A film from your wedding is something else. It's an extra special way of remembering your day.

Your feelings happening in the moment. Your loved ones fully alive, forever.

Having us film your day is so much more than just a recording of the events that had happened.

It's coming back to your vows and speeches whenever you want. Rewatching the first look and the excitement on your partner's face.

Looking back at the freaking good times you had on the dancefloor with your family or friends.

It's telling the story of you two.

Your own movie that encompasses who you are, what you felt like, and how your friends and family celebrated you both.

Every couple is unique so there are no set rules we go by when filming your day. There is no wedding too big or too small for us to film,

and no music genre we haven't heard of that you'd like us to use as the soundtrack to your love story (yep, if rap is your thing - we're fine with it too!).

We personalise each wedding film we create - the music, transitions, its pace, its style.

It needs to tell YOUR story.

Watch the 60s Sneak Peeks below or...

Rocklea Farm

Wedding Video Sneak Peek

The Dunes in Ocean Grove

Wedding Video Sneak Peek

The Peak in Lorne

Wedding Video Sneak Peek

Alma & Surfcoast

Wedding Video Sneak Peek

The Peak in Lorne

Wedding Video Sneak Peek


Wedding Video Sneak Peek

mount macedon

Wedding Video Sneak Peek


Wedding Video Sneak Peek

Mornington Peninsula

Wedding Video Sneak Peek

“There’s too much risk in loving,’

the young boy said,

‘no,’ said the old man,

‘there’s too much risk in not.”

― Atticus

“There’s too much risk in loving,’

the young boy said,

‘no,’ said the old man,

‘there’s too much risk in not.”

― Atticus

Visit our journal to see more:


What are the prices of your packages and what's your availability?

Please nquire to check whether we're available on your date.

We offer photography, film and film & photography packages.

Our pricing starts at $3,500 for a full package.

To receive our packages, please get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page or email us with your wedding date & location on hello@handzaround.com.

Feel free to tell us more about your day and what you're looking forward to the most, and ask us as many questions as you wish :)

Do you do both, photography and videography?

Great news - yes! :)

Instead of looking for a separate photographer and a separate filmmaker for your wedding, you can choose us - we do both at the same time. And since we've worked with each other for years, things go smoothly on the day.

On the day Hanna will be your main photographer and Zach will be your main videographer (occasionally, when one of us has an idea for an awesome shot, we'll swap to get you the best results :).

If you don't fancy both - photography & videography, you're welcome to book us for just photography or just videography, but we'll always come as a duo and work together. 

When you book us for just photography, you're booking both of us - one of us as a main shooter, and the other one as a second shooter.

Same with videography, one of us will be your main videographer and the other one will be your second shooter.

If you've already booked your photographer/videographer and are looking for videography only or photography only, not to worry - we've worked with many other photographers and videographers and love working with others so we'll happily work side by side!

Our film & photography packages can be booked up to 18 months in advance and film only or photography only packages can be booked up to 12 months in advance.

Can we add videography at a later date if initially we had only booked you for photography?

Sure thing!

If you change your mind and wish to add videography before your wedding, just let us know. 

Please do so as early as you can, no later than two weeks before your wedding as we need to ensure we plan out our equipment and timeline accordingly :)

Will you meet us in person?

Our answer before Covid-19 was:

"Of course! After you have a look through our digital Welcome Guide, we will decide on the best date for our in-person meeting. It’s good to meet at the location of your ceremony (and/or reception) so that you can tell us all about your plans."

...but since the world went a bit upside down since we last checked, at the moment all our meetings happen via Zoom/Skype/Facetime to keep everyone safe.

We're hoping this will change soon and we'll be able to buy you that coffee, wine or beer that all of us are so looking forward to!

What's the booking process like?

If you like our style, feel like we're a good fit and you're happy with one of our packages, get in touch - we can talk about your wedding, you, your plans and answer any questions you may have.

Our availability is limited throughout the year and we only have a selected number of dates available, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

We require a non-refundable deposit of 25% to secure your date.

Once you're ready to book:

1) We will prepare a Wedding Photography/Videography Contract and invoice.

2) You can review it and either e-sign it or suggest changes.

3) We countersign it.

4) We receive your deposit.

5) You receive our digital Welcome Guide with useful information and advice about your day and planning.

6) We schedule the date for our in-person or online meeting.

7) You can contact us anytime to chat about anything that comes to your mind.

8) At least a month before the wedding you fill in our Wedding Questionnaire which will help us know all the what/who/when/where.

10) We photograph/film your beautiful day and we deliver your memories once they're all edited for you!

Do you travel? What's your travel costs?

We definitely do and we love it!

Let us know where you'd like us to come and we'll let you know how much extra it will be - we always try to keep our travel cost as minimal as possible.

First 50km of travel from Geelong is covered as a courtesy. For over 50km from Geelong, we charge $1 per km.

We've just invested in a caravan named Margo so that we can minimise our travel & accommodation fees for the weddings that require us to stay overnight! Yayy!

Do you photograph and/or film elopements?

Yes!!! We love them. Our wedding was sort of an elopement and we are all about photographing and filming them! 

We actually have a separate brand called Elopements By The Sea - we offer short film, photography and celebrant packages crafted especially for elopements :)

Visit http://handzaroundvideophotography.com/elopements-by-the-sea to learn more!

How far in advance should I book?

We would say approx. 9-18 months before your wedding but don't worry if you decided to get married spontaneously - message us and we'll see what we can do! 
We try not too book every single weekend in the wedding season to have time to catch up with friends and family, so if you're in need last minute, get in touch and hopefully we'll be able to help!

Our film & photography packages can be booked up to 18 months in advance and film only or photography only packages can be booked up to 12 months in advance.

Do we get all the photos?

Yes - you will receive all the photos minus eyes closed or blinking ones, technically not up to our standard ones or ones showing someone in an unflattering way (nobody wants to see that accidental photo we snapped of your uncle mid-eating and we don't want him to hate us!).

Do we receive raw, unedited files or raw video footage?

We don’t provide you with raw images or footage. You probably wouldn’t be able to view them due to the format they’re created in and if you were to see them, they would appear grey and 'lifeless' :)
Also, we really don’t think you would like to sort through thousands of images and hours of footage to get rid of the ones with your granny mid-yawning or your brother walking into our shot. We do that for you.
Plus, editing is a vital part of our style and providing you with unedited images or footage would be the same as a baker providing you with raw ingredients for you to create a do-it-yourself wedding cake.

Do you edit all of our photographs and/or videos?

Absolutely yes! We never outsource any of our editing work and we hand pick and edit each and every one of your images and spend hours crafting your wedding films.

Are our digital files watermarked?

Nah, that was a 2010 thing haha!

In your online gallery you will be able to download both - low resolution files and full resolution files.

Low resolution is perfect for sharing online due to its smaller file size.

Full resolution files are perfect for archiving and printing and they will be free of any watermarks.

Can friends & family take pictures with their cameras?

As long as your friends & family don't cover you walking down the aisle or doing your first dance with their iPad (believe us, it has happened!), our answer would be yes :)

We just ask that they respect our presence and don’t push us away and that they don’t use flash when it gets dark, e.g. during the ceremony, your first dance or cake cutting, as it will negatively affect the look of your images and footage.

We definitely encourage an 'unplugged ceremony' during which the celebrant asks the guests to turn off their phones and cameras and focus on the most important thing - you two getting married!

Do you hold Public Liability Insurance?

Absolutely. We hold full $20m in Public Liability.

What's your COVID-19 clause?

All weddings occurring during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic will be strictly subjected to the current government rules and regulations at the date of the celebration, without exception.
HandZaround V&P will take all necessary precautions to ensure that they can still provide their service, however, can not guarantee that government restrictions will allow them to be present on your scheduled date.
Your non-refundable deposit can be used to secure a new date if government restrictions prevent HandZaround V&P from providing their services on your chosen date, or if your wedding is definitively prohibited from proceeding by government restrictions.
CLIENT understands that the non-refundable deposit can not be used to secure a new date due to change of mind, or, their wedding being affected, but still possible to proceed, by factors such, but not limited to, limits on guests, guests not being to attend from interstate, overseas or other regions, dance floor restrictions, the way in which service of food and/or drink occurs or any other restriction that may have an impact on your wedding but not prevent it from proceeding.
If CLIENT decides to postpone their wedding without discussing a new date with HandZaround V&P OR if HandZaround V&P are not available on the new date that you choose, your retainer will be used towards the services already occurred (holding the date, admin). The remainder of your retainer may be used towards another service such as family/engagement/newborn session.

So far CLIENTS, who were forced to postpone their wedding, have offered HandZaround V&P several potential dates and both parties have been able to achieve consensus and choose a date suitable for the CLIENT, as well as for HandZaround Video & Photography and CLIENTS’ other (or majority of) vendors.
CLIENT must ensure that all social distancing rules are maintained to the best of their ability throughout their wedding and the density limits of the number of people allowed are met at all times when HandZaround V&P is present.

Are you vaccinated against COVID-19?

Yes, we are both fully vaccinated and can provide you with a vaccination certificate.

How about music or the soundtrack for the videos? Is it included?

It’s totally included and it's so important to us!

We pay a membership that gives us access to a wonderful website with thousands of amazing and properly licensed soundtracks.

We always ask you what sort of songs, music or genre you’d like us to use in your preview and/or the main video.

We never use popular songs or songs of famous artists that we are unable to license but our music library (musicbed.com) features a lot of extremely talented & up-and-coming artists and bands.

You’re welcome to browse through the music library website that we’re subscribed to.

If you or your partner are musicians and you wish us to include your own music in your wedding film, we'd be more than happy to incorporate it :)

How do we buy prints, heirlooms & product collections?

Your online personalised gallery will not only act as a place where you can download your files from, but it will also act as an online shop where you can view and order personalised products. It’s pretty much like any other online shop that you’ve ever used, but with your own photographs!

If you prefer, you can also email us and we'll be happy to help you move around the online shop or prepare a custom order for you.

Will you customise print & product packages for us?

Yes, we’re happy to do it! 

Have a look through our shop first and just let us know what are the ideal keepsakes from your wedding day and we’ll come up with different options.

When placing a big order, we always try to save you as much as possible by bundling the deliveries and making discounts whenever possible.

Should we buy prints or albums from you or just print them ourselves?

We're big geeks when it comes to prints, frames and albums.

We're so fussy and personally have been looking for the best of the best products out there.

We love when our photographs start their new life on print and that's why each of our packages includes some sort of 'physical' keepsake :)

The prints and albums we offer are printed on the highest quality art or fine art paper which means they won’t decompose or discolour with age.

More than that, the style of our editing goes beautifully with the paper we choose to print your images on.

This means that we cannot stand the thought of printing the photographs we've created for you at Kmart or Target, soz! Haha! We promise you will see the difference! If you print them ar Kmart, just don't tell us haha!

Also, our screens are colour calibrated to the style of our editing, so the results in print are the closest they can be to what's seen on the screen.

This means there will be no disappointment with the photograph being too orange, or too green or with the image having less or more contrast than what it originally actually does.

And the cropping... this may sometimes be confusing if you’re trying to squeeze a 4x6" image into a 5x7" print and it may result in cropping important parts of the photograph - whenever you place an order with us, we always check your chosen crops and either adjust them for you so the image looks its best, or suggest an alternative when adjusting is not possible.

We also know the struggle of visualising the frame sizes and looks on your walls. It's so hard! That's why we're more than happy to create mock-ups of frames, sizes and compositions, be it one or five, using your own photos (yep, that's right - you can grab your smartphone and snap a photo of your wall or room and we'll prepare a visualisation for you so you can be sure you're ordering what you imagined!).

Will you help us to come up with the best timeline for the day?

100% yes!

We’d be happy to help you!

We’re big believers that no matter how chilled & relaxed you want your day to be, you will really be able to relax only when you put a bit of planning into your timeline - we can be your timekeepers so you don’t have to worry about it on the day and we can help you flow through your day effortlessly with a lot of fun.

Our digital Welcome Guide which you receive once you book with us, includes advice and example timelines for the day.

But it’s important to remember that your timeline should reflect the style of the wedding you want to go for and reflect things important to you (some people prefer more time to hang out with friends & family, others want to spend lots of time on the photos - you tell us what’s important to you).

Every wedding is different and so are the timelines so you should come up with one that will make both of you happy and whilst you’re welcome to take what we say into consideration, always think about what will make you feel the most comfortable first.

We can either help you with planning your day or go with the flow that you came up with (and let you know how we can work around your plan) - whatever sounds more like you!

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

We do bring our own water and snacks but a warm meal is a must after a long day so it would be super kind of you! It will ensure we stay happy, fast and that we don’t faint :)

If you do feed us, can you please talk to your vendors/venue in advance to ensure we are served at the same time that you are or if you have a cocktail reception, that there is food left aside for us.

When you and your guests are eating your mains, we'll have a short break anyways (whether we are served or not) as we don't want to capture you and your guests mid-eating, and when you’re finished with your dinner, we would like to be finished too so we can continue to capture more of the wonderful moments of your day and don't miss out on any dance floor action!

If you don't want to or can't feed us, please let us know in advance so we can talk to your venue/vendors and organise a meal ourselves or take a break to organise some dinner elsewhere for ourselves.

Do your packages include Engagement or Couple Photography Session?

Yes - the engagement or couple session is complimentary when you book our Photography & Film Package.
When booking other packages, the session can be added on for $250.

Do we get a sneak peek from our day?


We never can wait before having a quick look at your photos or videos - we just love having a sneak peek so we feel it's super important that we share it with you!

Within 48 hours from your wedding day (for Saturday to Thursday weddings) or 72 hours (for Friday weddings), we will prepare your ‘sneak peek’ which is either 5 images, 60s video, or both, depending on your chosen package.

What's the videos & images delivery time?

All the videos or photographs included in your package will be delivered to you within a timeline specified in your contract.

This usually is 10 to 16 weeks depending on the month your wedding is happening in.

Do you offer any discounts?


Tell your friend about us and receive a 5% discount on the photo album & all other products, if they book any photo session with us, or a 10% discount if they book a wedding package with us.
Simply remind us about it via email and tell us who's your friend :)

Engagement / couple session (worth $450) is complimentary when booking ‘film & photography package’.

Travel is complimentary for the first 100km of our journey from Geelong. 

Do you price match other photographers or filmmakers?

We are not able to match another package or company because our works and their works don’t match each other. We love quite a few other photographers and filmmakers in the region and worldwide but they all have different styles, suitable for different people and different wedding vibes. Everyone’s unique and we take the utmost pride in our work and use our skills and creativity, that we have developed over years of hard work, to capture moments that are supposed to turn into your dearest memories that you will hold on to forever. 

Can we pay in a few installments?

Sure thing! 

We require 25% upfront to secure your date but in terms of the rest of the payment you can tell us what's your ideal scenario (number of installments and how you'd like them spread out) and we will do our best to accommodate your request :)

Would you like to receive our packages?

Fill in the form below.


Thanks so much for your patience!

Please make sure you had a good look through our portfolio and read our philosophy. We also recommend reading the FAQs that you can find above this contact form.

If you're not sure yet, please let us know approximate dates. Our Film & Photography Package can be booked up to 18 months in advance. Film Package or Photography Package can be booked up to 12 months in advance.

Feel free to send us an Instagram DM or message us on Facebook if you don't hear from us within 72 hours as sometimes emails from us get blocked/deleted when they end up in your spam folder.

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We are committed to working with people regardless of ability, age, culture, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief or sexual identity.