Geelong Elopement Packages

Elopements By The Sea are HandZaround Video & Photography and Kate Uren Celebrant working as your dream elopement team. Elopements By The Sea was born as an answer for couples looking for an intimate and relaxed celebration of love in beautiful & unique locations.

We’re your local filmmaker, photographer and celebrant team who are all about crafting stories about you and your love.

In the time of big, mass-produced and rushed, let us help you go against the grain and come up with a small, intimate and unique celebration of what matters the most to you.

Elope with us on Wednesdays and occasionally other days of the week and choose one of our simple packages - all are fuss free and affordable.

Would you like to know more?

...or learn more about your local Geelong Elopement dream team!


- your videographer

Hi there!

I'm a teacher-turned-filmmaker - before becoming a full time videographer, I completed my education degree at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and worked as a teacher in Melbourne and London for several years.

After meeting and getting married to Hanna in 2015, we set off on our round-the-world trip. This was when I started dabbling in photography and travel videos. Over the years I've steadily expanded my skills & knowledge to create one-of-a-kind wedding films for all the wonderful couples we have a pleasure of meeting.

I'm a tech head and love fishing, dogs, craft beer, cricket, hanging out with our friends and travelling. I'm low key and all about fuss free, relaxed and fun celebrations which I like to capture in a non-intrusive kind of way, paying attention to small details that make up your day.

Find me on @HandZaroundVideoPhotography Instagram.


- your celebrant

Nice to meet you!

I am a celebrant, nurse, friend, lover of good times, potato chips & good wine.

The ceremony does not have to be the boring part of your day. I want the ceremony to be the beginning of your celebrations.

It is my aim for you as my couple and all of your guests to leave the ceremony on an absolute love high and feel nothing but good vibes from the beginning.


I bring my fun, bubbly and high-energy personality to not only your wedding ceremony but also the planning stages of your ceremony. I love to not only create a working relationship with my couples but also develop wonderful friendships.

Find me on my Instagram or

learn more about me on my website.


- your photographer

Oh hi!

You can find me chasing the best light, watering my plants, walking to a waterfall with Zach and our dogson, getting excited about a new art exhibition coming to Geelong, playing with my nephews & nieces, drinking coffee or cider with friends or travelling in a van through some new country that Zach and I decided to explore.

I feel things deeply, like anything that’s thought-provoking, genuine & fun, and I love meeting people and telling their stories with my camera. 

I graduated with a photography degree from University of the Arts London but I've been photographing ever since I was 16 - it may sound super cliché but I can't imagine doing anything else in my life!

I'm so excited about your elopement already because being able to capture an intimate, relaxed & fun celebration of you two is literally the best job one can ask for. 

Find me on @HandZaroundVideoPhotography Instagram.

About Hanna, your photographer, and Zach, your videographer...

About Hanna, your photographer, and Zach, your videographer...

“Nothing short of amazing from this dynamic duo! What an awesome, relaxed couple who made our filming easy, memorable & fun. My husband and I aren’t naturals in front of a camera but their calming nature and relaxed approach made us feel as if the cameras had disappeared and put any nerves we had thought we might have at rest. Their video editing and how it all came together? WOW! We couldn’t even believe it was us in the footage. We laughed, cried and wanted to watch our videos over and over again!So epic!”

Elopements By The Sea are...


And guess what? 

They don't have to happen only by the sea - meet us in the bush, on a cliff, in your garden or on a farm!

A ceremony with us is equally fun as it is serious, embracing all of the feels, good times, laughs and love! Kate likes to create personalised and individual ceremonies for all of our couples - no two ceremonies will ever be exactly the same!

Hanna & Zach like to pay tribute to original candid photography - images and films of our couples are analogue-inspired. We don’t stay away from grain and love the occasional blur. Your films and photographs will be bright, airy, soft, carefree. Perfect for those who are looking for something a bit off-centre, aesthetical, contemporary, honest, natural, heartfelt, joyful.

Let us help you create the elopement of your dreams - we can laugh together and cry together...

...but most importantly, we can bring your amazing love story to life, would you like that?!

Your Elopement Filmed

Your very own movie to share with friends & family

Otway Elopement Film

Britt & Michael decided to elope in the heavenly looking Californian Redwoods in the Otway Ranges. Their celebration was very intimate and filled with lots of happy tears. Besides putting together a creatively edited elopement film, we also recored video & audio of their ceremony so they could share it with their friends & family. We used their vows, as well as short & relaxed interviews we did with each of them, as voiceovers in their film.

Loch Ard Gorge Elopement Film

Daylesford Micro Wedding

Point Addis Elopement Film

About your celebrant, Kate...

"From her organisation skills to keep us on track, she absolutely shined on our wedding day. She kept us calm & our ceremony was relaxed & so us. She delivered an exceptional ceremony with lots of lol’s. Nothing but a 10/10 for this girl!" - Ahlea Smith

Pricing & Packages

Small & Local

- Registry style ceremony
- Couple & two witnesses
- 1 hour photography & videography
- Your chosen location within Greater Geelong, Golden Plains, Surf Coast or
on Great Ocean Road*

Starting at $1500

Classic Elopement

- Personalised ceremony
- Couple & eight guests**
- 2 hours of photography & videography
- Your chosen location within Greater Geelong, Golden Plains, Surf Coast or
on Great Ocean Road*

Starting at $2850

Micro Wedding

- Personalised ceremony
- Up to 18 guests**
- 3 hours photography & videography
- Location provided by you*
- Styled Reception Space & Florals incl.
14x14m marquee
Festoon Lights
Tables, chairs, lounge suite of choice
Wedding Arch

Starting at $7250

*Some locations or venues may incur a travel, permit or service fee, please enquire about the packages to learn more.

** Number of guests/vendors must be within the current government restrictions. As of 13th of September 2020, weddings in Regional Victoria may consist of 5 people - couple, celebrant and two witnesses (which means that Hanna & Zach would be your witnesses).

You can find more information about our packages on @elopementsbythesea or by emailing us.


What are the prices of your packages and what's your availability?

Elopements By The Sea packages start at $1500.

We have different options available depending how and where you want get married. Reach out via the contact form to receive more information on our packages.

Feel free to tell us more about your day and what you're looking forward to the most, and ask us as many questions as you wish :)

Our availability is mostly Sunday to Thursday, limited Fridays and very limited Saturdays.

Do you do all, ceremony, photography and videography?

Great news - yes! :)

Instead of looking for a separate celebrant, photographer and a separate filmmaker for your elopement, you can choose us three - we do all together and since the three of us are all friends and have worked together before, things go smoothly on the day.

On the day Kate will be your celebrant, Hanna will be your main photographer and Zach will be your main videographer (occasionally, when one of us has an idea for an awesome shot, we'll swap to get you the best results).

We also collaborate with Eldeberry Wedding Hire ( to bring you stunning micro weddings that include Styled Reception Space & Florals!

Yes! A beautiful sailcloth marquee complete with festoon lights, furniture, tableware, florals + wedding arch! Your dream micro wedding all complete!

Will you meet us in person before the ceremony?

Our answer before Covid-19 was:

"Of course! We will decide on the best date for our in-person meeting. It’s good to meet at the location of your ceremony so that you can tell us all about your plans."

...but since the world went a bit upside down since we last checked, at the moment all our meetings happen via Zoom/Skype/Facetime to keep everyone safe.

We're hoping this will change soon and we'll be able to buy you that coffee, wine or beer that all of us are so looking forward to!

What's the booking process like?

If you like our style, feel like we're a good fit and you're happy with one of our packages, get in touch - we'll check if all of us are available on your day and we can talk about your elopement, you, your plans and answer any questions you may have.

We require a non-refundable deposit of 30% to secure your date.

Once you're ready to book:

1) We will prepare a Wedding Ceremony/Photography/Videography Contract and invoice.

2) You can review it and either e-sign it or suggest changes.

3) We countersign it.

4) We receive your deposit.

5) You fill in our extensive questionnaire so that Kate can start crafting your beautiful ceremony and so that Hanna & Zach can get a feeling of how to best capture your special day.

6) We schedule the date for our in-person or online meeting.

7) You can contact us anytime to chat about anything that comes to your mind.

9) We photograph/film your beautiful day and we deliver your memories once they're all edited for you!

Do you travel? What's your travel costs?

We definitely do and we love it!

Let us know where you'd like us to come and we'll let you know how much extra it will be - we always try to keep our travel cost as minimal as possible.

First 100km of travel from Geelong is covered as a courtesy. For over 100km from Geelong, we charge $2 per km.

How far in advance should I book?

Since most of elopements happen Monday to Thursday, and occasionally on Friday or Sunday, we are often available so feel free to book a month or 3-6 months in advance.

Do we receive all the photos?

Yes - you will receive all the photos minus eyes closed or blinking ones, technically not up to our standard ones or ones showing someone in an unflattering way (nobody wants to see that accidental photo we snapped of our feet).

Do we receive raw, unedited files or raw video footage?

We don’t provide you with raw images or footage. You probably wouldn’t be able to view them due to the format they’re created in and if you were to see them, they would appear grey and 'lifeless' :)
Also, we really don’t think you would like to sort through hundreds of images and a couple of hours of video shots to get rid of the ones where we filmed the floor. We do that for you.
Plus, editing is a vital part of our style and providing you with unedited images or footage would be the same as a baker providing you with raw ingredients for you to create a do-it-yourself wedding cake.

Do you edit all of our photographs and/or videos?

Absolutely yes! We never outsource any of our editing work and we hand pick and edit each and every one of your images and spend hours crafting your films.

Are our digital files watermarked?

Nah, that was a 2010 thing haha!

In your personalised online gallery you will be able to download both - low resolution files and full resolution files.

Low resolution is perfect for sharing online due to its smaller file size.

Full resolution files are perfect for archiving and printing and they will be free of any watermarks.

Can friends & family take pictures with their cameras?

As long as your lovely friends & family don't cover you with their iPad (believe us, it has happened!), our answer would be yes :)

We just ask that they respect our presence and don’t push us away and that they don’t use flash, as it will negatively affect the look of your images and footage.

We definitely encourage an 'unplugged ceremony' during which Kate can ask the guests to turn off their phones and cameras and focus on the most important thing - you two getting married!

Do you hold Public Liability Insurance?

Absolutely. We hold full $20m in Public Liability.

How about music or the soundtrack for the videos? Is it included?

It’s totally included and it's so important to us!

We pay a membership that gives us access to a wonderful website with thousands of amazing and properly licensed soundtracks.

We always ask you what sort of songs, music or genre you’d like us to use in your video(s).

We never use popular songs or songs of famous artists that we are unable to license but our music library ( features a lot of extremely talented & up-and-coming artists and bands.

You’re welcome to browse through the music library website that we’re subscribed to.

If you or your partner are musicians and you wish us to include your own music in your wedding film, we'd be more than happy to incorporate it :)

How do we buy prints, heirlooms & product collections?

Your online personalised gallery will not only act as a place where you can download your files from, but it will also act as an online shop where you can view and order personalised products. It’s pretty much like any other online shop that you’ve ever used, but with your own photographs!

If you prefer, you can also email us and we'll be happy to help you move around the online shop or prepare a custom order for you.

Will you help us to come up with the best timeline for the day and scout locations?

Yes, we'd be happy to help you! We're usually very involved in planning the elopements with our couples so it's fun and relaxed.

In saying that, we don't plan too much - we don't want you to stress about times and schedules. We'll be there for you and we'll go with your flow!

Do we need to feed you?

Nah, don't worry about it! We're with you for a maximum of a few hours so we'll take care of ourselves.

Do we get a sneak peek from our day?


We never can wait before having a quick look at your photos or videos - we just love having a sneak peek so we feel it's super important that we share it with you!

Within 48 hours from your wedding day (for Saturday to Thursday elopements) or 72 hours (for Friday elopements), we will prepare your ‘sneak peek’ which is 5 images.

If you also wanted to receive a 60s video sneak peek because you can't wait for your elopement/wedding film to be edited, please enquire or refer to the PDF with our packages that you can receive by emailing us or filling in the contact form.

What's the videos & images delivery time?

All the videos or photographs included in your package will be delivered to you within a timeline specified in your contract.

This usually is 2 to 16 weeks depending on the month your elopement is happening in.

Kate, what do you actually do?

- Fill in and lodge all legal paperwork
- Lodge your wedding with births, deaths and marriages and arrange for the official marriage certificate to be delivered to your door.
- Guide you effortlessly through the planning stages of the wedding ceremony
- Support you in writing your vows
- Have a wealth of knowledge about wedding, local vendors and cool things that could be included in your day
- Walk you through the logistics of the wedding ceremony
- Turn up on the day, early, greet guests, keep you calm and co-ordinate the ceremony

What are the legal requirements of getting married?

Lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage at least one calendar month before your ceremony. Each party must show proof of identify, date and place of birth and termination of any previous marriages. Declaration of no legal impediment to marry must be signed prior to the wedding ceremony. Three marriage certificates signed after the marriage has taken place.

What is the required timing required for the legal documents?

The Notice of Intended Marriage needs to be lodged with Kate at least one calendar month prior to your wedding.

We don’t have one month, is there a way to get married sooner?

Yes, the parties must apply for a shortening of time. They must present to a prescribed authority with the Notice of Intent to Marry and any other documents they may need as evidence to support their reasoning for a required shortening of time.

5 circumstances in which parties may apply for a shortening:

- Employment related or other travel commitments
- Wedding or celebration arrangements or religious commitments
- Medical reasons
- Legal proceedings
- An error giving notice

*NOTE: not all shortenings will be approved.

How far ahead of time do we need to book you?

You can lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage up to 18 months prior to your date so I suggest you get in touch as soon as you have made plans to get married to avoid disappointment.

Popular wedding dates, will book out up to 12 months in advance.

Can we choose the details of our ceremony?

You sure can! If you have any special people you would like involved, any particular readings/poems or any out there ideas for something you would like included in your ceremony let me know. I will do my absolute best to make sure we can work whatever it is you like into your ceremony so that your day is exactly as you want it- as long as we include all of the required legal aspects.

We have no idea what’s included in a ceremony, where do we even start?

That’s a-okay! I’m your girl and have your back.

I have an extensive resource catalogue and also a bit of a ceremony structure cheat sheet that helps you with the basis of what can be included in your ceremony and will help you through this process.

How long does a ceremony generally go for?

Roughly 20-30 minutes.

It is dependent on what you choose to include in your ceremony such as readings, poems or rituals.

Kate, what do you wear?

I always do my best to dress appropriately for each wedding I perform! My regular wedding attire tends to be lots of fun, bright and patterned dresses.

If you are interested in a theme wedding I do love a dress up and would be more than happy to chat about how I can accommodate this.

Check out my socials for some of the awesome dresses I love to wear.

What's that minimum of people involved in an elopement?

You can get away to an awesome location, just the two of you and two witnesses if you would like them there.

Want to elope without anyone knowing?

Lucky for you, Hanna & Zach can also double as your witnesses.

Do we need a permit for where we want to get married?

Well that depends!
Some native reserves, parks or beaches will require you to obtain a permit from the local council.
This is up to you to organise and cover the cost on however I can let you know how to go about this.

Can we have a surprise wedding?

For your guests, yes!
However, both parties of the marriage need to be fully aware of the wedding and give consent to get married.

Would you like to receive our packages?

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Thanks so much for your patience!

If you're not sure yet, please let us know approximate dates.

If you need some ideas, hit us up for our awesome location list!

Feel free to send us an Instagram DM or message us on Facebook if you don't hear from us within 72 hours as sometimes emails from us get blocked/deleted when they end up in your spam folder.

We are committed to working with people regardless of ability, age, culture, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief or sexual identity.