The story of how we got to photograph Liz & Brad is pretty unusual!

They got married in Mexico and trusted a photographer to capture their wedding day. Unfortunately they ended up with pretty much no photos from their wedding. But... instead of accepting that they don’t have their memories captured on photographs, they decided to create new ones, a few years after their wedding! We couldn't be more excited to help them make this dream come true!

They jumped back in their wedding dress & suit and because they live in Geelong, we went around Geelong’s CBD and recreated their wedding photographs! We were blessed with a stunning sunset and Brad & Liz enjoyed their kid-free night and reliving their special day. Even a passer-by commented on how lucky Brad is to be getting married to Liz... so it all felt pretty natural! :)

After 'the wedding part' of our session, they changed into their 'normal' clothes and we headed to western pier on the water and captured some more portraits and candid photographs as the sun was setting down. Such an amazing afternoon spent with this incredible couple!

Thank you Liz & Brad for letting us create new memories of your 2nd 'wedding day' for you!