a small lifestyle photography studio in Geelong

The Cosy Shed, as the name suggests, is located in our shed, in Belmont. 

The idea for this little shed studio came up to us after the countless unexpected changes to the visit-at-home restrictions (thanks to 'rona of course!). We had to cancel & postpone so many sessions which couldn't happen because we couldn't photograph newborn babies at their homes or go ahead with our commercial clients' shoots because they were planned to happen at private properties.


We knew that eventually the restrictions would relax and we would be able to visit people at home, however, with the high number of cases still around, being able to invite families and clients to our studio makes the working environment more covid-safe - not only for our clients but also for ourselves, so that we can keep doing what we love and not risk missing any scheduled sessions or weddings which we have booked.

Since we don't need to carry anything to clients' homes or properties, the risk is lower. We're also able to wash all linen & textiles, and sanitise surfaces and equipment after each session. Families & commercial clients can also check in to The Cosy Shed with a QR code which, in case of a local outbreak, enables the contacts to be tracked faster & easier. We really do hope we're slowly coming back to 'normal' but for the time being, we're aware that 'rona can still surprise us in the coming months.


Besides keeping things covid-safe, another reason we decided to transform our shed into a studio is that we've always wanted to have a place which we can enter, and straight away create images that are light, timeless and consistent - doesn't matter whether we're photographing a family or creating lifestyle content for a small business owner. This can be very tricky at times when we visit homes & private residencies because of the varying light, the size of the space and the general day-to-day clutter found in the spaces where people simply live their day-to-day life :)


We have styled The Cosy Shed with a minimalist mindset to be able to focus on the most important thing - photographing the natural connection between humans! Be it children, families or a person's love for their business. We love to witness and capture the natural moments that happen when there are no distractions.

The cool thing we discovered was how creative one can get in a little space that is pretty much a blank canvas.

Before we invited families for the studio tests, we were a bit concerned that little kids may get a bit bored with only a small basket filled with a limited amount of toys. We were so positively surprised though! Once little Mason was done playing with the wooden toys, he started making up games which included running through the curtains, jumping from the wooden stool onto the bean bag or on the bed, and just generally exploring the space with a very open mind.

Same with the adults - it was great to see our friends feeling comfortable at the Cosy Shed and use the space in a way we didn't expect they would, at the same time giving us ideas on where to ask our next models to stand or sit.

The Cosy Shed is ready for a family, newborn or children session, however, it can be easily transformed into a home-like office space or serve as a background for the natural branding shots for anyone looking for photographs which can be used in the 'About Me' section on their website or on social media.


The Cosy Shed is a bright space full of cosy textiles and floor rugs. Inside you’ll find a small bed with big comfy pillows, a beanbag perfect for newborn & baby portraits, as well as sitting down and any kind of big or small jumps!

There is also a small white noise/heartbeat sound machine, a chest of drawers, a changing basket, toys and books for toddlers and older kids, and a small backstage area with a mirror (perfect if you need to change your outfit) and a water station. The little backstage area is also great for baby's siblings to have a break in - especially if they feel like reading a book or drawing a picture on the whiteboard whilst we focus on photographing the baby.

We have made this space as covid-safe as possible - you’ll find plenty of hand sanitiser and QR check-in codes which we’ll ask you to use. All the linen, quilts and blankets are changed and washed after each session and the toys & surfaces are sanitised. 

The toilet can be found at the back of our house, as you exit the Cosy Shed through the back door and walk through our backyard - let us know if you need to use it please and we’ll show you the way.

When you arrive, feel free to leave your things in the backstage area and if you feel like it, kick off your shoes so you can feel at home :)

If your kids get antsy at any point, you or your partner are welcome to show them our backyard, run around the grass and pick some lemons from the lemon tree. 


If The Cosy Shed sounds & looks like a place where you'd like to have to have your session, reach out and let us know how we can help. We would love to see you here!

See some of the sessions that happened at The Cosy Shed so far: