Little Zayden was the sleepiest & cutest little bub! We photographed him at home when he was 6 days old. His little sister, Ariya, was still getting used to her new brother but Vanessa & Jarrod, Zayden's and Ariya's parents, made sure not to force Ariya to do anything and take her time in warming up to us and to her little brother.

As a result, Ariya ended up feeling comfortable and opened up to us - she showed us how to dance, how little Zayden's hands were and how fluffy his hair was. Little Zayden was a very chilled little man who loved being swaddled and having his portraits taken on our beanbag!

And besides the photographs, Zach also captured little moments here and there on video which we then edited into a little film that will hopefully be a lovely time capsule for the whole family - you can watch it below.

We'll leave you with the photographs of this lovely family - we're so thankful they trusted us in photographing such an important milestone of their life!

Lots of love,